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Milwaukee Brewers’ Student Achiever Awards

What is the award?

The “Student Achiever” is an award co- sponsored by the Milwaukee Brewers, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the Bradley Foundation to recognize students for academic excellence and effort.

Recognized students receive a recognition certificate from the Milwaukee Brewers, two reserved tickets for a Brewers game from a set of selected dates, group scoreboard recognition and have their names posted on the Milwaukee Brewers web site and in a special edition of the Milwaukee Journal.

Who’s eligible?

The top 6% of students in grades 7 & 8 are recognized for each category, Highest Academic Achievement and Highest Academic Effort.

2010-11 Recipients

For Achievement:

Grade 7:

Olivia Gorman, Katie Novak, Adam Plotkin, Tarey Voit, Maxwell Walker, Whitney Wertheimer

Grade 8:

Kevin Ballecer, Madeleine Haworth, Rebecca Lubar, Jordan Perry, Khang Vu, Sarah Zelazoski

For High Effort

Grade 7:

Jack Berroug, Rebecca Buttrum, Allison Eiers, Jose Garza, Ania Kotecki, Emily Perez

Grade 8:

Nacaira Davis, Maya Exum, Jacob Nikolay, Adam Sellers, Jalen Smith, Danny Zenge