2017-18 District Budget

With revenue limits, the annual changes made to the level of state school funding in recent years, and state budget items that are unknown until October, budgeting to maintain staff and services to meet students’ needs continues to be a challenge.  Fortunately, we have the $980,000 referendum funds to exceed the revenue limit, which allows us to present a balanced budget.

We have created a budget that addresses our district’s core mission that all students will be served to the best of our ability, and we continue to meet or exceed the financial stability goals made with the 2014 referendum.  Several key aspects of the 2017-2018 budget are:

  • Estimated $16 per student revenue limit increase
  • $188 per-pupil categorical aid increase
  • Decrease of $2,665 in General State Aid
  • 0% health insurance premium increase
  • 0% pupil transportation increase
  • Additional .3 FTE Literacy Coach, 1.00 Assistant Principal, 1.0 AVID Coordinator, however, by restructuring several teaching positions in the middle school we are actually reducing total staff
  • Ongoing buildings budget for maintenance and repair
  • Includes Act 28 authority to exceed revenue limit for energy efficiency upgrades
  • District contribution to the Parkway playground equipment
  • Ongoing update of student curriculum (2017-18 social studies)
  • Class sections in all grade levels that meet our District’s class size recommendations
  • Community service building / Good Hope asphalt replacement