Glendale Riverhills

Homework in 1st Grade

Beginning near the third week of school,  you can expect the following first grade homework:

MATH - Students will typically bring home one page of math homework every day except Friday. It will either be a HomeLink to reinforce skills covered in our Everyday Math program,  computation practice, or skill practice before a unit test.

SPELLING - Students will bring home a new word list on the first day of each week. We will practice the words daily at school. Students should also practice the words at home to prepare for the test on the last school day of the week (typically Friday).

READING - Students will bring home a large yellow envelope called their RAZZLE DAZZLE READING FOLDER every day Monday through Thursday.  If there is a book or story in the folder, the student should spend at least five minutes reading the material orally. If the folder is empty, the student may choose any materials at home to orally read. We encourage the students to point at the words as they read. The parent should fill in how many minutes the child read and sign their initials on the calendar on the front of the folder.  The student should return the folder and reading material each day. At the first conference, the students will also get the FANTASTIC FLASHCARD FOLDER (FFF) to use and keep at home.  Every few weeks the students will bring home a new set of flashcards to add to their FFF. Students should practice these words several times a week until they become automatic sight words.

Grading in 1st Grade

All grades are based on formal and informal assessments.

Reading grades are based on the following components:  

Literacy By Design Theme Tests

AIMSWeb Assessments

Guided Reading Level/Performance

High Frequency Word Lists

Language Arts grades are based on the following components:

Weekly Spelling Lists

Literacy By Design Vocabulary Journals

Six Traits Rubrics

Sentence Dictation

Writing Samples

Math grades are based on the following components:

District Unit Benchmark Tests

Everyday Mathematics Unit Tests

Computation Benchmark Tests

Observation of Daily Work

Science/Social Studies grades are based on the following components:

Unit Tests

Class Activities

Observation of Daily  Work