Glendale Riverhills

Grants of Almost $82K Made

The Glendale River Hills School Board unanimously accepted the donation of six grant amounts, totaling $81,769, to be specifically applied to the purchase and start-up costs of classroom technology enhancements.

The allocations are the result of detailed grant requests submitted by school teaching and administrative staff to the Foundation's Grant Allocation committee.  Each fall and early winter, staff are encouraged to identify and author grant requests what will have direct impact on classroom instruction and student performance, and that involve the purchase of equipment, technology and / or training that can be implemented immediately or in the very near-term.

The grants made for the 2010-2011 school year include:

1. Up to $7500 to cover cabling and wiring costs to reconfigure the computer lab at Parkway School.

2. $3000 to purchase 30 TeacherMate handheld computers to be used in the first grade classrooms to facilitate differentiated instruction according to student math and reading level.

3. $3050 to purchase listening centers from Calloway House for each of the five senior kindergarten classrooms.  Each center would include a mobile listening cart, related audio equipment and books on CD.

4. $5720 to finance a server fee, staff training and a 3-year, 5-pack user license from DynEd for ESL (English as a Second Language) software.

5. $35,550 to purchase and install ten ActiveBoards and to provide teacher training. This will complete installation of these interactive instructional boards, with internet connectivity, in every classroom.

6. $26, 949 to purchase hardware and carts and onsite training to complete the 4th grade's NEO2 computer lab.  This technology involves the use of personal, portable word processors by students to enhance individualized writing and composition skills.