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Mission & Vision



District Vision

The Glendale River Hills School District is committed to being a leader in education as characterized by:

  • A safe and nurturing environment in which students, staff, parents and community members feel free to participate, take risks and think creatively.

  • An educational setting which integrates current research and technology and encourages innovation.
  • A highly qualified staff using a rich, multi-faceted curriculum and programs emphasizing student responsibility for learning, preparing students for good citizenship and promoting a positive self-image and a joy for learning which meet the diverse needs of all students.
  • A positive environment emphasizing collaboration, cooperation and teamwork.
  • The use of effective communications, public relations and community resources to build supportive community involvement.
  • Opportunities for individuals to set goals and be successful.
  • Assessment-for-learning to guide improvement effort

District Mission

As a part of the greater Glendale River Hills community, the School District will lead in creating a supportive learning environment to inspire all students to strive for excellence in pursuing a strong academic foundation to succeed in and contribute to the global community.


Goal 1: Provide a Safe, Respectful and Supportive Learning Environment 
Goal 2: Ensure High Levels of Academic and Social-Emotional Growth for All Students
Goal 3: Cultivate and Sustain an Informed, Supportive Community
Goal 4: Achieve Excellence in Staff and Department Performance
Goal 5: Optimize Available District Funding Resources