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My name is Alyson Weiss and I have had the honor of being the Superintendent of the Glendale-River Hills School District since July 2021. This year is my fifth year as a superintendent. I have been in education since 1998 in various roles including high school and fourth grade teacher, district special education coach, director of pupil services, and building principal. I had amazing support from my teachers growing up which instilled in me great respect for the importance of teachers and the power of education. Education changed my life trajectory and I went into education to be a part of supporting students.  

This year's theme is #PurposePridePassion. Our goal as a district is to create safe spaces for staff and students that foster strong instruction and student growth.  We believe in equity and inclusion and use these core values as a filter in everything that we do. All decisions are made based on what is best for students.  We value all stakeholder voices and strive to create strong two way communication and feedback loops. The Glendale-River Hills school district is an amazing place to learn and grow.

Mrs. Alyson Weiss