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Information and Technology Literacy

Information and Technology Literacy Mission Statement

Preparing our children and community for the technological world of today and tomorrow.

The Glendale - River Hills School District is committed to being a leader in technology through their integrated Information and Technology Literacy Standards. To fulfill this mission, staff and students will:
  • Recognize that technology is constantly emerging
  • Apply technology to relevant problem solving
  • Use technology to further our life goals
  • Parse information in a critical, ethical, and task appropriate ways
  • Collaborate with Library Media Specialists to apply information seeking skills
  • Make data driven decisions that enable the district to assess and evaluate the progress of our learning community.

Our Commitment to 21st Century Learners

The Glendale-River Hills District is committed to improving the teaching and learning environment of teachers and students through the appropriate use of educational technologies and student information systems.

Technology Integration provides students with opportunities to enhance their learning experience by working to gather information, determine its relevance, and applying it to create a product that is relevant to them.

Teachers use electronic grade books, which in turn generate report cards--gone are the days of manual record keeping. They have access to resources and the Internet to assist them to collaboratively develop units and lesson plans that incorporates standards based learning and the use of technology.

As the world around us changes and information abounds, students and teachers alike must adapt and learn new strategies to accomplish their goals. The district is dedicated to supporting teaching staff through several professional development programs and information systems.

Revised in 2005 - Glendale-River Hills District Technology Committee

District Technology Goals

  1. Staff will demonstrate proficiency in technology-integrated best practices in teaching and assessment to improve student learning. Teaching staff will be prepared to use available resources, including the Library Media Center.
  2. By the end of 8th grade, Glendale-River Hills students will be proficient with technology and information skills, showing their ability to responsibly communicate, solve problems, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information to improve learning across subject areas and acquire lifelong knowledge and skills for the 21st Century.
  3. We will improve staff, student and community access to school technology, build awareness and support for the District vision of technology use, and increase adult technology literacy and public relations with the community.

Downloads and Links

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards in Information and Technology Literacy
(click here to download pdf file)

Nicolet Information and Technology Essentials Requirement