Ms. Lana Liss, M.S., CCC-SLP

ASHA Lana Liss
Hello! My name is

Ms. Lana Liss

I am the Speech/Language Pathologist at Glen Hills School.
I have a Master's Degree in Speech and Language Pathology and
I maintain my Certificate of Clinical Competence with the National American Speech - Language - Hearing Association (ASHA).

I am so pleased to be working with your child
and helping to increase his/her speech, language,
social, emotional, and academic development.

Each child is unique and has individual needs.
I encourage you to call me, or email me, any time you want!
Thank you for the privilege of working with you and your child!

Ms. Liss’ Educational Path

Elementary School:

St. Eugene’s (Fox Point, WI)

I wanted to be a ARTIST when I grew up.

High School:

Dominican (Whitefish Bay, WI)

I wanted to become a Kindergarten Teacher or an Art Teacher.

Post Secondary Path:

I wanted to become an Elementary Ed Teacher, so I attended UW-LaCrosse. When I student taught in the large regular education classroom, I felt myself drawn to the students needing individual help, so next I student taught in a Special Education Classroom. With the help of a Physical Therapist, I helped a student with severe cerebral palsy say his first word! His name was Alan and he said, “Hi!” and he was so happy! Alan smiled from ear to ear and I almost cried. I was hooked on Communication Disorders. I transferred after my sophomore year to UW-Milwaukee, where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree and my Master’s Degrees of Science in Speech and Language Pathology while working part-time in the Shipping and Receiving Dept. at Sears in Northridge. I also lived at home with my parents to save money for school​.

A Message From Ms. Liss

I grew up with a strong work ethic. In high school, I started working as soon as I could. My first job was cooking at a nursing home. Then I got a job with Sears in Northridge. I always worked at Sears whenever I could while I went to school. Fortunately, Sears was very flexible about my hours. My boss was very nice. However, my parents always stressed that SCHOOL was my #1 JOB! My message is this: Dream BIG, Work HARD, Do your BEST, and You will SUCCEED!

Recreational Activities:

In my spare time, I enjoy taking care of and playing with my three rescue dogs: my dark blue Standard Poodle named "Princess Charlotte", a black and blue Jack-a-SPOOgle named, "Daisy," and a 6# Tri-colored (Parti) Yorkie named, "Alpha Bits"! I also enjoy reading, photography, technology, gardening, sailing, and taking care of the wild songbirds in my yard.