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Glendale-River Hills  Orchestra Material Checklist

Welcome back to Orchestra class!  We are going to learn a lot this year, and you need the proper materials to succeed.  Below is a checklist of what you need.

_______ A Shoulder Rest  (violin / viola)

______ A folding stand is recommended for home practice.

______ Rosin 

______ A soft cloth for cleaning the instrument.

______ Endpin stop (cello / bass)

______  Extra set of strings (I recommend D’addario Prelude)

Grade 4: ______Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 / String Basics book 1

Grade 5: _______ Essential Elements 2000 Book 1  / Essential Elements 2000 Book 2

Grade 6:_______Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 

Grade 7:_____ Essential Elements 2000 (finishing book 2 start book 3) 

Grade 8:_______ Essential Elements 2000 Book 3

Using a family instrument or purchasing an instrument for a beginner is fine, as long as it is the appropriate size. Please allow me to check it over to ensure it is an appropriate size and in good playing condition.  Having an instrument that is too large or in need of repair can be detrimental to your child’s development.  The following stores have various rental policies.  Some stores allow rental to apply towards purchase.  Check also to see if the store has any repair policies.

White House of Music

N112W16268 Mequon Rd/Germantown


11737 W. North Ave (414-607-3900)

Melk Music

8625 W Adler St

Milwaukee, WI 53214

(414) 771-0900 

Cascio Music Co.

6835 W. Mequon Rd.


Brass Bell

210 W. Silver Spring Dr.


Please feel free to call me at Glen Hills  with any questions (GH: 351-7160, ext 2168) or email at


Beth Alvarez

Orchestra Director, Glen Hills Middle School


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