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Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers 

The following Q&A came from the Zoom Chat from attendees at the July 15th School Board Meeting.  In addition to these questions and answers, please follow the workgroup committee notes posted on the website.  

NOTE: some questions were combined to alleviate repeated questions.

Parent Surveys were sent to all updated email addresses in Infinite Campus through the July 7th Parent Newsletter.

Staff Surveys were sent to all employees throughout the Staff Newsletter sent on July 2nd.

These data may be misleading. Someone who does not have internet connection might not have been able to take the survey.  Correct.  This data represents the surveys that were completed.

I think that multiple parents for the same student could have theoretically taken the survey (so more than once for one student maybe) Correct.

Still a very impressive response rate for about 1,000 students. Thanks

NOTE on the data:  The percentages are only indicators of "respondents" not necessarily all parents/guardians. Correct.

What is considered a young child? What is the age cut off? 12

What would happen, with this recommendation, with special needs students in the upper grades? Undetermined at this time

Are the K through 5th grades split into cohorts? yes

When are we addressing the special education children? always

What is the average class size at both Parkway and Glen Hills—to account for social distancing? 20-25

I understand and agree with prioritizing the core academics for in-person instruction for older kids. But I think doing PE, art, music and some forms of tech ed will be extremely challenging online. Foreign language and CYH I can understand, but the other allied arts are very hands-on.

Sanitizing classrooms between cohorts…sounds like what airlines do!

For grades 6-8, how would lunch be handled for students? All students would have access to lunch

If masks are not mandatory, you may have some staff that won’t be able to teach in person due to compromised systems. masks are mandatory

Who would be doing the sanitizing? custodial staff 

Who will be sanitizing the buses as well? Riteway bus company

I have to say that I don’t feel like I understand what Larry’s recommendation is, other than that working groups do some figuring out in the next two weeks. working groups will make recommendations to the Board on Tuesday July 28

If 7th and 8th were all virtual would 3rd he shifted to GH to create more space in Parkway?

What is the square footage of an average classroom at Parkway? yes, approx. 1000 sq. ft.

Will there be an increase in staffing in order to accommodate the students of families that choose to be completely virtual?  not planned at this time

What will happen with your traveling teachers when it comes to in person versus virtual? not sure

Allied Arts, interventionists, etc would be exposed to many students throughout the day. probably but they could sill practice social distancing

How will you ensure social distancing and masks for small children (e.g., kindergarten, 1st grade)? Seems like a heavy load for our teachers. It will be difficult.

How will you address the bathrooms? Limit the number of students in the bathroom to the number of stalls

Will class sizes be reduced at Parkway? Possibly.  

Are there discussions about providing raises for our teachers given the high risk situation they are now in? no

What are the procedures for if a teacher tests positive? They would need to be quarantined for 14 days. Wil there be tests for teachers? no

I would love to serve on a committee, but would only feel comfortable doing it virtually.

Does Parkway and GlenHills have the capacity to increase air turnover in each room to help mitigate potential viral particles and aerosols from spreading. yes at PW, no at GH

Are outdoor spaces/classrooms being considered? yes

What if kids throw away their masks in the garbage by accident. they would get a new one provided by the school

 Is there a plan to stagger commencement times to minimize hallway volume? It is being discussed.  no firm plans yet in place though.

Are additional community bases sites being considered to reduce number of individuals in each building? Not at this time.

Has the district calculated the safe capacity of each classroom in the district? yes

I also wonder about quarantining one class if someone tested positive because they are a cohort. Those students may also take the bus where they are exposed to other students outside of their cohort.  Just a thought to throw out there. quarantining a single class would include quarantining anyone that had contact with that class.

Is Good Hope School an option for some classes?  Maybe K4? It is not an option due to various reasons.

What are the metrics for going fully virtual?  Will it be # of cases in the north shore?  % of positive cases? Ultimately it is a Board decision.

Could you address what safety precautions are being prepared currently in anticipation of reopening? For example: Masks and/or face shields ordered? Hand sanitizer, wipes, signage for spacing, drinking fountains turned off, increased hand washing stations, plexiglass partitions, air filters changed or updated? All safety precautions are in place.

Having kids and staff in masks for 7 hours per day at Parkway without AC and little air ventilation and potential for lack of proper sanitation is very concerning to me in September when temps are usually very warm. According to the research it is safe.

What improvements have or will be made to virtual systems? We have increased our professional development for all teaching staff.

Who on staff is going to monitor safety protocol recommendations and guidelines by CDC? All staff will be trained on CDC safety protocols

How is it possible to socially distance with class sizes of 18-25?  It’s not

What would be the class size for virtual/ online learning?  based on our experience from the last 3 months of the school year, a large number of kids participating in on-line class were simply unmanageable.  The class sizes would probably stay the same as they are now.

Will new content be taught for students who are virtual? yes How will you ensure that virtual students receive rigorous learning? through teacher evaluations

Is this plan being considered for the entire school year or is this a temporary measure? It would be for 1 trimester at a time.

Will there be someone monitoring wearing masks on buses? yes

What about special education kids who can’t tolerate masks due to sensory issues (i.e., severe sensory issues with autism?) masks are required but exceptions could be made for specific cases.

Will there be another survey to parents/guardians to indicate our updated choices for the fall? yes

If a teacher contracts COVID-19 would our district provide more sick time? not at this time

What are the teacher contractual responsibilities while they are sick? ?

Are there any teachers that are not going to come back to school for in-person teaching ? and if so, can they participate in virtual teaching? possibly

What accommodations do you plan on making for the staff members with possible health risks? All possible accommodations will be made using federal laws as a guideline.

Is our district considering a phased approach to learning modality? yes

How will kids be 6’ apart?  to the best of our ability

If someone gets sick and has COVID, will there be testing for that classroom of kids and staff?  Will families/staff be notified if people test positive? yes

If classes will be 15:1, how will staff be allocated to cover the extra rooms? If the District goes 15 to one all teachers would be assigned to a cohort.

How many custodians work at Glen Hills? Is it reasonable to expect them to sanitize all Gr 6-8 classes over the turnover? more custodial staff would need to be hired.

What is the procedure for kids that feel sick from wearing the mask?  Will they be able to take it off at recess outside to get some fresh air? yes

What will be the class size for grade K5-5th grade, for those in person? our current guidelines are classes of 18-25

Will the district provide fans in the classrooms at Parkway to help air flow? yes

I think an important distinction for us to understand is whether or not the concern is to spread COVID to the vulnerable (including our amazing teachers) vs. being concerned about the kids themselves.  

This is an important factor when considering masks.  If the concern is for spreading to others in the community, masks for all kids make a lot more sense.  If the concern is for protecting the kids, we may actually want to consider 1 of the 4 classrooms in parkway to have a no-masks-for-kids policy (but a mask for the teacher), pick a teacher who is very comfortable teaching unmasked kids, and go with that approach based on the parents' comfortability.  Just a thought. Thank you for the input.

Has there been any conversation regarding foggers? not yet

Will kids be sitting in the same furniture?  not sure Face to face at the round tables? not sure

My experience in my summer camp has been that older kids have a harder time with physically distancing than the younger group (k-1). I’ve heard the same thing from doctors at Children’s Hospital

So if you don't believe that small children can physically distance and you aren't sure if you can mandate masks, why are we considering sending children back? All options are on the table

More information came out today about kids not having symptoms but have COVID. They are testing positive. Thank you for your input

20+ kids in 1 class does not seem safe. That's no different than current practice. Thank you for your input

I think we are doing a huge disservice to our school community by not taking greater consideration regarding the safety of the staff. Thank you for your input

Will there be a separate conversation and/or survey to address the needs of our special education students and those who teach and provide for them? yes

I am really concerned about the Children’s Hospital statement about spread among children.  We shut down in March, so how do we really know how it is spread among large groups of children?  Just reporting what was told to a group of superintendents I am no doctor, for sure, but this does concern me.

How will all virtual work for working parents? The same as it did from March 13-the end of the school year.

Staff is going to get sick this year. Maybe not COVID but flu or whatever. Who is going to sub? great question.  There were not enough subs last year.  My guess is that finding subs this year will be very difficult.

Many classrooms at Parkway have tables and not desks.  How will kids be socially distanced at tables? Plexiglass will be set up to maintain social distancing.

Are the masks disposable? Or will families be required to launder each night? The district has both disposal and cloth masks.  The cloth masks will need to be laundered.

What would Virtual Schooling look like? All students at home receive instruction on line.

Will gifted and talented  and special education needs be supported in a virtual option? yes

Will plexiglass be used as a divider? yes

How do staff who travel from room to room or have students come to them for therapy keep other students/staff safe? Going from room to room or building to building will bring cross-contamination by these adults (i.e. guidance counselor, speech). These meetings might have to happen virtually to stop the cross contamination.

Will staff have easy access to regular testing? The state has free testing sites

Is there a risk for the district to lose a significant amount of funding if a large amount of parents withdraw and enroll their children in other public or private virtual school options? yes

Who are the doctors or organizations the district is hearing from regarding the cases and health risks?  We are using the North Shore Health department for up to date information. Can a written document or recommendation be shared from these professionals? yes

Can we make sure that the board is super well-versed on the best science available before we make decisions? That would be left to each individual Board member

Is there a plan to survey parents about what went well/what didn't during virtual learning this past spring? Not currently, however we could create one if requested by the Board.

Is there a plan to stagger commencement times to minimize hallway volume? yes

What is the rest of the North Shore proposing for opening schools?  Is everyone recommending the same methods to opening? Most Districts in Ozaukee county are reopening with students 5 days per week.  Most districts in Milwaukee county are still in the planning stages with full in person, blended or full virtual being discussed. 

I love the MPS most recent proposal.  Have you entertained their proposal at all? yes

Can we get someone from the health department AND a local pediatrician to participate in the health and safety committee? yes

If you think it would be safe to have kids go back today, face to face, then why are you having a ZOOM meeting? Board decision to have virtual meetings

Will there be an option for families to do virtual learning if they are not comfortable with the in-person guidelines released by the school? yes, the district will offer a full virtual option for any family/student that requests it.

We have to be flexible and prepared for multiple options correct

No matter the circumstances, the CDC and science supports wearing a mask, minimum 6 feet social distancing and frequent hand washing to decrease and mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

We do need kids in school but we do need to change how we do things to keep them safe. it doesn’t sound as though we as a district are ready to make a decision as to what school will look like. as of right now, I do not feel comfortable with sending my kids to school. so moving forward with more research and discussion is extremely important. agreed

I think we should focus on an effective online program. The instructional committee is working on this.  Professional Development for all teachers has been scheduled in August.

What are the re-opening plans? And if the “plans” are subject to constant change based on undisclosed metrics, then three plans that are subject to change include full in person instruction, a blended model and full virtual instruction.

How are parents supposed to make concrete plans  when everything is in a constant changing state? Parents have to make the plans for their individual family.

How is the mental health of the children and school staff being considered and supported? Our Social/Emotional committee is creating plans for all three scenarios discussed above.

Do you anticipate having enough substitutes to cover classrooms if teachers/paras become sick?  No

Can you give a more detailed explanation of what virtual learning would look like specifically for middle school? The instructional committee will have a full plan to the Board at their July 28th meeting

When addressing the questions, please address all of the staffing changes that have been put in place for next year.  Last year was so incomplete and I would like you to speak to the “why” it was necessary to shake up the staff and students more than they already had been disrupted.  Principal decisions should be addressed to the principals.